10 Small Businesses on Facebook and Their Use of Free Space

Social Networking is the faster easier word of mouth in days gone by. If used properly and with a little imagination, Facebook and like minded social networking sites can boost your small business income without boosting your advertising spending. Sure, you can purchase an ad on Facebook, but the best way to go is build a page, and hey-that’s free!

Alden’s Ice Cream

While I was actually taking a break from writing and checking on my Facebook page, I just happened to notice the ad on the right for Alden’s Ice Cream. I was curious, as I had never heard of this brand. So I clicked on the link and really liked what I saw. Sometimes, specialty food is a little difficult to sell, but I guess you can’t go wrong with ice cream! When I clicked on store locator, there was only five stores nearby that sell it near me. One just happens to be the drugstore I patronize. So guess who’s going to try this ice cream now? This is a great small business to watch on Facebook. The way it is set up, the social networking makes this seemingly small town business local to everyone. Here is the link to their fan page which already has 1,387 fans.

Chengs Martial Arts School

Chengs Martial Arts School is a great example of how to use social networking fr your small business. This business always has new updates, keeping their 295 fans updated. Not only that, they utilize you tube, and post links to that, so even if someone happened to stumble upon them on You Tube, they are then led to Facebook to a well organized, well updated page.

CM Photographics

This small business is definitely doing something right with over 7,000 fans. By using the social networking of facebook, this photographer share her love and knowledge of her job. This in turn brings about more business because nothing beats hiring someone to do your photography that truly loves their job. Since the business is photography, social networking is a great way to go, because then people get to see their work.


This all natural gluten free snack bar originally started in a woman’s kitchen. In the company story, it says she got the idea for it while hiking in the Rockies. It is now sold in most major stores and production is a far cry from her kitchen. The company Larabar utilizes the social networking of Facebook to get the word out to people who’ve yet to try it. I know after reading about it, I look forward to this gluten free product. Larabar is using social media like small neighborhood businesses would use word of mouth. Social networking for businesses like hers just makes sense. Its the easiest quickest way to get the word out on their new flavors, and they utilize contests to earn new friends and keep the old ones interested. They now have 36,467 followers. You can view the information on this business and see what their fans have to say by clicking this link to their Facebook page.

Glamour Shots

What better way to earn new customers by showing off your work when you have a photography business? On their Facebook page, as with many of the other small businesses on social networking, Glamor Shots is utilizing the space for their photos and have contests to get people interested. Must be working as they have 29,528 fans. View their Facebook Page and see what they are all about.

Freelance Writing and Photography

I have to say, when I clicked on the link for this small business on Facebook, I wasn’t impressed with amount of followers. I also was stunned that the use of the Facebook page was not better utilized. However, once you enter the “information section, you can find out more about the business and better yet-a link to another website, a blog which lead you to other information you need to know, as well as their writings, etc. Now there’s a good example of social networking for businesses. To advertise away-free of charge! Please view their Facebook page here.

Mark Fisher Photo

A whole different way to use social media in order to gain attention to your small business. Although there was no Facebook page listed for this company, they wrote comments on someone else’s page. His comment had their website’s address, again, gaining n audience and recognition. “Premier Jackson Hole, WY area photographer specializing in cutting-edge portraiture, fine-art wedding, lifestyle, skiing, and climbing photography”.

Pirate’s Booty

I have to say, the name drew me in, just had to see what this company was about. Then again, that’s what networking is all about in a business isn’t it? Upon clicking this ad, I found they indeed have 25,065 fans. So guess what? It’s not about a pirate’s booty at all. Its actually a brand of snacks. The page is filled with testimony from fans over how wonderful this snack is. Nothing like I said, like word of mouth. Remember that commercial in late seventies, early eighties: “…and she tells ten friends, and she tells ten friends…” Think this page has it covered with the social networking.

Whole Foods Market

This is definitely one of the larger “small businesses” I have listed, as it is a national chain. However, when compared to some of the other giants out there, I do believe this can indeed be considered a small business. This business is using the social media platform of Facebook to keep customers connected which is very nice. They also share information and education about foods. Please view their Facebook page here.

Kegs and Corks

Although this Texas based store has just two locations, both in Texas, it appears they will be easily expandable now with word of mouth traveling fast on both Facebook and You Tube. This business is utilizing the social network of Facebook to get their information out there. There are posts about wine tastings and local events, but have their main website posted under “info” as well. That website can be viewed with a click of the mouse.
Please view their Facebook page here.

So you see, big or small, social networking does well for any business. Back in the day, when a new business started, they relied heavily on word of mouth. This is because when they were starting out, they don’t exactly have that advertising dollar needed to break in. Now word of mouth is being replaced by a much faster version. One that reaches the world around….social networking for businesses.